Ohio’s Integrated Systems Model

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Ohio’s Integrated Systems Model for Academic and Behavioral Supports (OISM) integrates tiers of supports for both academics and social behavior. Each tier is designed to enable student success by providing high quality culturally responsive, research validated instruction in both social behavior and academic content. The model is designed to provide strong school wide instruction and supports that would meet the needs of most students. This school wide tier of supports is represented in green and includes a school core curricula and social behavior curricula. The targeted tier, represented in yellow, is for students at some risk for school failure if early intervening does not occur. The targeted tier provides more specific instruction for students in addition to the core curricula to ensure success. When effective school wide instruction and targeted supports are in place, a small percentage of students may require intensive supports to enable success. This red, or intensive tier of supports will meet the needs of the remaining students at high risk for failure. These supports are intensive and often individualized. A school with a continuum of intervention and prevention supports in place ensures that all students instructional and behavior needs are met, creating the right conditions for learning.

For more information contact:

Rhonda Dickson, M.A. Director
[email protected]

Greg Mathews, Ph.D
[email protected]

Ellen Frasca, M.A.
[email protected]

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